Pokémon GO Night Theme (Lyrical Version)


Pokémon GO Night Theme (Lyrical Version)

The original song was created by Junichi Masuda, composer of many of Pokémon’s iconic video game songs. The lyrical version was produced by Ed Goldfarb and sung by Haven Paschall and Ben Dixon.

We can share the beauty of the world tonight
Stars up in the sky will light the way
Every place we wander
Wonders will amaze us
See the mountains shimmer in the moonlit sky
Maybe they will show us where to GO

Rhythms of the ocean waves tell me my dream is real
You and I tonight will see our worlds align
The stars alight and with their light to guide me I know I will find you
So we can GO and make a brighter world
We can GO and make a brighter world

Composed by Junichi Masuda
English lyrics by Ed Goldfarb

Vocals by Haven Paschall and Ben Dixon
Produced by Ed Goldfarb
Production assistance by Alvin Maninding and Andrew Crilly
Mixed by Jeff Stuart Saltzman

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